Do you know what being a whole human means?

If you value my opinion, I really want to encourage you to listen to this podcast – Transcend – with Scott Barry Kaufman. I discovered the You Are Not So Smart Podcast by David McRaney recently and love it. For this particular episode, I kept rewinding it to listen to some of the points. It is brilliant and so important.

Here’s some of my take-aways

  • It started with Scott discussing his challenges in education as a child. He had an auditory processing challenge, and instead of being educated how he needed to be educated, he faced many setbacks. What I admired about his story is how he never gave up! I will make sure my son (who’s had challenges) listens to this – very inspiring. Educators will love this podcast
  • Digging into the bigger content – we all know Maslow for his hierarchy of needs, BUT he didn’t finish what was probably his most important work – on transcendence. This is all about what being a whole human is. Scott Barry Kaufman decided to take on the job of finishing this work and I’ve just ordered the book. Excited
  • One of the fundamental needs for humans is the need for exploration – and it can comes in two forms – behavioural (extreme sports, adventurous travel) and cognitive (looking at all sides of information, digging deep into knowledge)
  • He discusses the dark triads and the light triads – the dark triad is narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. The light triad is Kantianism, humanism and faith in humanity. We all have both within us
  • Kantianism is about seeing people as an end in themselves, not a meaning to an end. Humanism is about seeing dignity and worth in everyone. Seeing sacredness within each person we meet. Faith in humanity is believing that humans are essentially good. If you know me, you’ll know this speaks very strongly to me
  • One of Maslow’s messages was love for the being of others, or be love! I just so resonated with this. It’s about appreciating the unique sacredness within each person we meet. I was talking to my husband about this the other night, before I listened to this podcast, but I was using different words. It is the key to joy and contentment in life
  • He believes when you are engaged with the world, there is nothing you want
  • To find your purpose, look around and find areas where you can meet the unmet needs of others. It can be as simple as volunteering in a soup kitchen, or making others feel seen as you go about your day – this is all about helping others feel like they matter in the world
  • To achieve transcendence we need safety, connection, love, to be love, purpose, self-esteem, exploration, experiences we get lost in, awe and so much more – that’s how we transcend. I cover so many of these topics in my book, Uncommon Courage
  • If we can realize our potential to its fullest, we stop thinking about ourselves, and become synergistic with the world. If it’s good for you and society, that’s transcendence. We need a bit of that, no?

For those interested in the light triads and the dark triads, here’s three articles:

The Light Triad vs. Dark Triad of Personality

The Light vs. Dark Triad of Personality: Contrasting Two Very Different Profiles of Human Nature

Sexist ideologies may help cultivate the “dark triad” of personality traits

Have a listen. It’s a great podcast and if enough people can start moving towards transcendence, well we might actually have a chance of sorting this world out. Let me know what you think when you listen OK?



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