Ding Dong the Rat is Dead

For those closely watching “The Rat in the Coffee Machine Affair” (please refer to my previous blog), you’ll be pleased to know that Vick has been victorious. A determined woman at the best of times, I was rather pleased to be in Taipeithis week when victory was finally announced.

In case anyone else has to deal with getting a rat out of a coffee machine – because it’s such a common thing right? – my best understanding of the strategy is this:

  1. Fill the internal waste tray with dish washing liquid
  2. When you hear movement in the machine, place a plastic zip lock on your hand – outside in so you can roll it over your catch
  3. Whip the tray out quickly
  4. If rat is located in the central area of the machine it’s officially screwed, because it’s impossible to get foot traction due to slipperiness of the surface
  5. Quickly secure rat in zip lock bag
  6. Seal bag
  7. Put another bag on for certainty
  8. Watch it die

Victory is a beautiful thing… most of the time!
Now while I’m super pleased to know we no longer have a rat roaming our home, and I’m really pleased that Vick achieved her goal, I am SO happy I was not there. I am completely incapable of watching anything die without crying. Yes, even a rat. 

Rats are revolting things to have in one’s home and I have everything crossed it’s the last we’ll see. Oh please universe, pretty please.

Thank you Vick. Once again you’ll be leaving us to go home and we’ll miss you with every fiber of our beings, but just think, you can add rodent extinguisher to your resume now.

By the way, if you didn’t know who the toughest women alive were before this, I can assure you it is the ladies from the Philippines. Vick makes me look like such an Aussie Pussy!

Yours, without the bollocks


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