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Apparently We’re Moving to the US

Yep. Why you ask? So we can meet the Hobby Kids of course! Like duh! Don’t know who they are? Well let me enlighten you. 

It’s a family that does: “Fun kid friendly videos on YOUTUBE! We feature popular brands like: Play-Doh, Toys, Legos. We create Stories, Play, Songs, Reviews, Box Openings. HobbyKidsjoin the fun in our videos which helps kids interact and enjoy learning while being entertained.”

Steve despises them. Jax adores them. Lex couldn’t give a crap about them. And I find it all a bit bemusing. I’m not as gung-ho about what the kids watch as Steve is, because as long as it’s not violent, foul, cruel, about death or human dismemberment, I don’t really care. I also live in the content/influencer world professionally, and while these children and the Hobby Parents, Hobby Baby, Hobby Pa, etc… are all a bit annoying, it’s hasn’t been created for me. It’s for Jax. And he can’t get enough of them.

From a business point of view, this family is onto a winner. They are probably making millions. However, if there is one problem I do have it is how YouTube stars focused on kids are influencing children all around the world to buy more shit toys than they need. But I can’t take this gripe out on the Hobby Family specifically, because there are hordes of people making YouTube videos about toys. Besides, I still believe it’s my responsibility to ensure my boys aren’t spoilt little shits. Not theirs.

YouTube stars come from all walks of life these days, and the ones who get the ‘magic’ right and appeal to a targeted audience are a force to be reckoned with. They are also becoming a force brands are starting to appreciate and nurture. That’s why Disney bought Makers Studio. It’s a phenomenal opportunity for brands and people who want to be stars, even if it happens accidentally. Oh and in case you’re looking for someone to beat up, they now “own” Stampylongnose. Yeah another annoying voice that has infested our home… But the boys love him too!

With that said, the BEST YouTube star we love and watch with the boys is Grant Thompson – “The King of Random.” Check it out if you don’t know him. Amazeballs.

When I think about this stuff, I know this is where entertainment is moving today. It’s not always pretty, it’s not always classy, but most people aren’t doing any harm, and the successful ones are making a decent living at it. When I feel the resistance of people in my age bracket, I can’t help but think the entertainment world we grew up with is going away completely and we are all struggling to wrap our minds around this new model. It kind of feels a bit like the Elvis and Beatles of this generation – you know, that rock ’n ’roll thing will never catch on. We might be thinking the same of YouTube stars….

For me personally, I am pretty ambivalent about the whole thing, and sometimes, if it keeps Jax occupied for 5-10 minutes so I can have a shower in peace, that’s all I need. One thing for sure, if the Hobby Kids go on the road and do a global tour (something that is happening more and more with YouTube stars these days), I know one little guy that will be nagging me for tickets. I hope Steve agrees to take him. Yeah right. No chance.

Just so I’m not alone here, let me share the bounty of the Hobby Kids. First up, Hobby Mom with a pretty impressive manicure
But there’s some exercise encouragement in there too

It’d make Jax’s day if we did this – seriously tempted, but I just can’t do it… not even to delight my mini love. You got the wrong mum in that regard love

Suffice to say, my kids would be pulling the same funny faces if that was me speaking in front of a camera….


So now over to you. What shite are your children watching on YouTube today?

Yours, without the bollocks

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