Anyone Else Get Crazy Skype Invites?

This has been going on for some time now, but I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the very interesting invitations from strangers to connect on Skype? Most seem to be very senior officers in the US military – typically serving in Afghanistan or Iraq – and all are rather bizarre…

As a sample of my most recent contact – where out of respect for privacy, I will delete identifiable parts of names, except for the one who is a General Cock… he has to stay.

Here’s a few delights, including typos, text-over-runs, etc, to share:

  • Hello sweet, what an interesting profile of yours, I am General Smith I respect people with self esteem I am a caring, loving and easy going person that has a lot of love and care to give. I am looking for a lady who is importantly a down to heart, who is hones
  • Hell dear, How are you doing? Can i steal your smile for a minute?
  • Enter a message to introduce yourself. Hello friend,  I’m Brig Gen. Steven, from the United States Army general in war peace keeping assignment, How are you doing today? I hope everything is well, Well, i saw your profile reading great. So i want us to be good an
  • hello pretty,  hi i like your picture you look nice, i am single and i am new in this site, i was married before but my wife is dead and i am left with my little daughter whom is in USA under the care of a nanny. i am 49 years and i wish to have a good relationship with a w
  • Hello dear how are you doing.Well am Gen. caldwell, from U.S, i am presently serving as the commander general here in Afghanistan with the United Nation Army.
  • hello friend are you doing you today i hope you are fine am general cock  you  nice meeting you if you don;t mind can we talk ?

I am looking for a lady who is importantly a down to heart? Can I steal your smile for a minute? Hello pretty? Commander General in Afghanistan? Are you doing you today? I hope you are fine am general cock!

I presume everyone is getting these messages, and while I typically block every one of them – is it some sort of a scam?

Just uncovered a bunch more invites today and thought it was worth a share, and maybe a giggle.

Yours, without the bollocks


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  1. My Skype account was hacked by two overseas persons. One in England and the other in Germany about two weeks ago. They used the funding source (Paypal) to drain my bank account of a little over 2500.00 before I caught them, changed my password info for all three acts (Skype, Paypal and BofA). It's taken a lot of tme and effort on my part to clean up this mess. I have other friends that have been getting odd messages supposedly from Skype as well as these invites. I don't know if they are legit or not but I would be very very cautious.

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