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I’m now in my third year of “official” predictions for American Idol and while I’m writing this a little later in the season (usually do it when the top 20 are announced), I decided it’s time to stake my claim once again, because season 12 is cracking, with the girls absolutely standing out. I’m also loving the new judges. Mariah Carey started off weird for me with her diva-esque-disconnected-from-reality kind-of way, but I’m warming up to her as she opens up her true self to the world – that evolution alone has been interesting. Nicki Minaj obviously does NOT like Mariah, but I must say – Nicki is a funny bitch and I love her honesty! And Keith Urban – man, what a sweet dude. I love how he can see into the hearts of people – not a common quality in human beings these days, especially in the world of showbiz. Randy, well he’s Randy, and I’m glad he’s still around.

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My previous prediction blogs have had decent readership, with the 2011 blog here and 2012 here – which remains my third most popular blog after anal bleaching and speech delayed children. Let’s see if this gets picked up in Google searches again this year? BUT my predictions are not necessarily reflected in the final results – then again, maybe the curse was broken last year with Philip Phillips winning? Maybe I’m getting more in tune with the American kids? Sometimes it just seems the qualities I admire in a performer – the ability to rock my world with their voice and give me goosebumps – is not necessarily what the American voting audience goes for. Old bag versus the tweens right?

How many seasons has it been since a girl won American Idol? Five? Well it can’t continue this year, because the girls are absolutely crack-a-lacking! Four out of the top five could win it, but here’s my order of preference and why.
  1. Candice – I absolutely adore this woman. My word she can sing and she’s the one whose album I will buy. Jazzy, bluesy, cool, great musical judgment, lover her. Will she win? She could, but based on past Idols, there are a couple of things going against her. Firstly, she won’t be perceived as contemporary in comparison to the other contestants. In addition, she’s got to work on her PR skills and keep the smile going no matter what. The camera regularly catches her with a scowl and she definitely does not have a poker face. Stuff like this matters on American Idol – so she’s got to win the hearts and minds
  2. Angie – this gal is an incredible talent across multiple areas – voice, musicianship, drama, style, etc.. although I was relieved to see the hair a bit more under control this week – she’s got so much of it! She is terrific, and while Candice is my preference, Angie equally deserves to win. When she performed her own song a few weeks ago, I knew her ultimate style is definitely something I’m inclined towards – a bit Loreena McKennit without the complete range… Angie is also very contemporary
  3. Kree – this woman is a stand-out for me, and I would be equally pleased to see her win. I’m not massively into country, but her voice has a class and purity that I am completely drawn towards. She also has a heartbreaking story which makes me want to see her succeed even more. There’s just a simple elegance about her that is very alluring. It’s been wonderful watching this humble and shy lady come into her own and really embrace her talent – I think she’s special
  4. Amber – this young lady is Whitney Houston re-born and she is going to be the lady singing soundtracks in the eternal movies of the future. She is a phenomenal talent, but she’s number four for me only because I’m not the sort of person to buy the diva albums. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate her tremendous voice, it’s just not my thing. She’s a stunning young girl, and at 18, she’s going to be around the music business for a long time. However, based on her bottom three position this week, America isn’t in love with her and I honestly don’t know why. Let’s see how she goes
  5. Janelle – up until this week, Janelle just wasn’t my cup of tea at all. She’s all sweet and lovely for sure, and she’s a true country gal with tremendous talent, I just don’t dig her style as much as the other girls. With that said, she was sensational this week – a very powerful performance. She’s a terrific kid and her music career will continue beyond the show

I think all of the girls are terrific for very different reasons, but the boys are NOT such stand-outs for me. One sensational singer has already been voted out and another that was in my top 10 didn’t make it in. It shouldn’t be a boys’ year this year compared to the girls, but the American voting public does seem to like its boys.

  1. Curtis Finch Jr – my favorite male in the top 10 and he was the first to go – bummer. This boy is absolutely magnificent and I HOPE he goes on to do more, because he has heart and soul in his voice that is once-in-a-generation stuff
  2. Burnell – the little lad from New Orleans is as sweet as they come, with the most distinctive voice I’ve heard from a male in a long time. He’s now my top boy in the competition and if he can keep things interesting, he definitely has the talent to go to the end. I will be amazed if a girl doesn’t win, but if one doesn’t, it’s because Burnell will find his true path and wow audiences week after week. I don’t know if he has that insight into himself yet?
  3. Devin – this guy has an amazing voice, and his ability to appeal to the Latin and English speaking voters is a huge strength from a voting point of view. My challenge with him is his song choices are dull AND he’s too in control of himself (military schooling after all) – if he can open up and become human, he’s got a chance. Having watched this show for nearly a decade, being a person the audience can connect with is vital to success
  4. Lazaro – I love Lazaro, what a beautiful person and when I first saw him, his story of rejection absolutely broke my heart. I hope his lesson to all people not to ignore kids that are dealing with huge challenges is one the world takes on board. There is NO doubt this boy can sing, but as the competition is moving forward, he’s getting worse and worse. It’s painful to watch, and he is definitely getting the sympathy vote, but I’d love to see him blossom and show the world why he is on the show – because he can do it. The challenge he’s facing, right now, is he doesn’t believe he should be there anymore. He’s got to dig deep and find his belief, because the voters love him and want to support him, so he’s got to show them they’re not wrong. He can do it
  5. Paul Jolley – Paul was always one of my least favorite contestants. He’s got a great voice – no doubt – but I was rather pleased to see him voted off this week. I think it’s his corniness, as he looks wistfully into the camera that turns me off. He can sing, he’s just never wowed me like the rest of the contestants this year

As I already said, I’ve been watching this show for nearly a decade and not only do I love the music, I just get so much out of watching people chasing their dreams and growing into their musical artistry. The show is interesting because talent isn’t always enough, and while many think it should be – because it’s a singing competition – the contestants have got to appeal to the hearts and minds of America as well. It’s a really fascinating study of into people and society really. As you probably guessed, I’m a big fan of the show.

Your turn – who are your top contestants this year and why?

Yours, without the bollocks

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