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Kids do Sleep in Eventually Right?

We are bamboozled parents. Nearly eight years into this parenting malarkey and do you think we ever get a morning off? I’ve written about this before, because it’s definitely the thing I have enjoyed least since becoming a parent, but seriously, enough already!

My treasures….
We had a late night last night – a Halloween/end-of-a-work-chapter party I guess. This meant the boys went to bed at 3am. I think it’s their latest night ever. Anyhoo our friend’s Sam and Dave were with us, and their kid’s probably got to bed closer to 4am and guess what? Our boys were up at 7am. Bronte and AJ at lunchtime. See that’s right, that’s how it should be. But no, not our buggers…

It got even better recently. Our room separation strategy isn’t going so well. Jax doesn’t want to be away from Lex and we regularly find them in bed together in the morning. But even better recently, Jax has been getting up at 4am to watch movies. Four am, I mean 4am!!! He obviously wakes Lex up too, because he couldn’t possibly NOT do that, and what does that mean? Two miserable, tired little bastards.

Lex is traditionally the early riser, not Jax, so I’m not enjoying this recent change that’s for sure.

The thing is, I know kids are capable of sleeping in, because I’ve met loads of kids who actually do it, but not ours, oh no, not ours.

With everything in my life – especially the things that make me unhappy – I try to maintain the thinking that what I resist, persists – a truth in my world. BUT it’s really hard to do this on the boys-never-getting-enough-sleep-front. Hey I’m a Mum and the only thing I care about is my boys being healthy in all ways.

But equally, I hate the first thing out of my mouth in the morning being along the lines of “get back to bloody bed!” Or “Why, WHY can’t you just stay in bed.” Or “Look outside. Do you see that? Do you see that it’s still bloody night time? Do you? DO YOU? Go to bloody sleep!”

AAAAAGGGHHHHH! It’s like never ending torture I tell you. Why won’t they sleep? Please tell me? Please help me?


Is anyone else suffering perpetual sleep deprivation or are we really alone?

Yours, without the bollocks

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