11 11 11 at 11.11am

I had the loveliest morning today. I joined a pretty sizeable gathering of 30+ people, from all corners of the globe, for a group meditation at 11.11am this morning. The last group meditation I did was more than a year ago, so it was great to experience it again. Today means a lot of things to different people. Some were focused on fallen soldiers on this day of Remembrance. Others on the numerological impact and meaning of multiple 11s. Some are focused on the luck that comes with the combined numbers. The Nerds of the world have christened it “Nerd New Year.” And my mate Gary is celebrating his birthday. There’s a lot going on around the world today. The meditation session for me was about universal oneness – which I personally think is a wonderful idea.

It was a morning of sharing, remembering, hoping and meeting new people – suffice to say I came out of it energized and hopeful.  My friend Julie, who hosted the gathering, has been looking forward to this day for a long long time, and more than anything, I was really pleased to be there to support her, as she has been on an amazing personal journey these past few years. So thanks Jules, an awesome morning that touched me deeply.

And if you’re in to it, remember that today is a day for big wishes to come true, so fling out your greatest desires with all your might, and who knows? It might come true. If you’ve missed 11.11am in your neck of the woods, there is always 11.11pm!

So what did you do today?

Yours, without the bollocks


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  1. Good to hear that the impact of 11.11.11 is being observed elsewhere on the planet 😀
    It hasn't quite reached that time here in the UK, but there are loads of poppies in evidence and I've asked the contractors still working on my house to down tools and observe a quiet moment later this morning,
    And I am fascinated with numerology so heres another one for you on the 11.11.11 thing – if you times 11 x 11 and then by 11 again you get 1331 – same numbers reversed and we all know the superstition about the number 13! Although having been born on the 13th I like to think it is a positive number !!! Love the blog, glad you enjoyed the meditation.

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