Global nomads
Another move done...
We loved living in Noosa Waters in many ways, but in many other ways we learnt that this life isn’t for...
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Day light savings nightmare
Bloody kids... bloody sunrise...
One of the greatest things about living in Singapore is that the sun rises at 7am and sets at 7pm, 365...
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Children's toy trains
Dear designers of Chuggington merchandise
Dear Chuggington folks, you have become a regular part of our lives and, as much as we can appreciate...
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Great reads
Cracking Yarns... “Dear Fatty”
Have you read Dawn French’s “Dear Fatty” yet? This is a beautiful, hopeful, lovely and sweet book, by...
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Don't gossip
I hate gossip
I really hate gossip. I find it extremely dangerous, hurtful, petty and most of the time, the person...
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Girls day out
Memory lane... Billy Idol
In 2003 I saw Bill Idol in concert in Sydney. I went with four amazing friends and we accidentally had...
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US exit Iraq
The troops go home - so what now?
It was pretty amazing watching the news this week when it was announced US combat troops were leaving...
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True love
My husband... an incompatibility
When we met it was like falling in love with an opposite sex version of ourselves, we were so closely...
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Mind games
Facing up to fear
Whenever I was sitting around doing pretty much anything, these horrible disaster scenarios would run...
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Andrea Edwards
The reality of the move kicks in
We got rejected with our third request for a lease extension. We don’t know if the real estate agent...
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Womens magazines suck
Well I bought a Woman’s Day, so....
I stopped buying women’s magazines when I was a teenager, because they made me feel like shit about myself...
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Azaria Chamberlain
Azaria Chamberlain – 30 years on
But there was a good reason: it has an exclusive interview with Lindy Chamberlain on the 30th anniversary...
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Weary mother
Flat, flat, flat!
I’ve had a few weeks of really achieving some great stuff, but right now, I am done in. The main reason...
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Global nomads
Moving again.... how bloody hard is it?
You know, life has been a bit chaotic for us in recent years – not just because we have two little lads...
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Single mums deserve our respect
Apparently Single Mum’s are Rich?
Michael is a good guy, but in recent weeks I’ve discovered that he and I have some rather different ideas...
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Arabella Weir
Shite Yarns – “Does My Bum Look Big in This?
“Does My Bum Look Big in This?” by Arabella Weir got hugely positive reviews and I remember thinking,...
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Be generous
A charitable heart... where have they gone?
We are currently living in a sensational area of Noosa - waterfront living at its best. Yesterday I notice...
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Tales from an experienced traveler
Travel trauma... airports!!!
I have absolutely no idea how many planes I’ve been on or how many countries I’ve been to, all I know...
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Popular culture
Great Yarns – Stieg Larsson’s Trilogy
I am not a person that falls over myself every time something huge hits the world. Popular culture and...
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Speech delayed children
Bloody kids... facing our first operation
Lex, our first born son, who is now three years and eight months, is a magnificent little man. He is...
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Women who like rugby
My husband... and sport
I’m sorry to many of my female friends for admitting this, but I am a very lucky girl. Steve, my husband,...
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Just say yes to outsourcing
Outsource your Home Work
I know people think we’re very excessive having a cleaner in eight hours a week, a gardener and a pool...
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Online dating
Tattoo Lovers Online
Wow, check this out. If you're into tats, there's an online dating site just for you -
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My husband... too cold to shag
We don’t need to look too far for reasons to get back to Asia – we miss it – the life, the freedom, the...
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Ben Stiller
Magnificent movies... Zoolander
We decided it was time for a giggle last night, as we’ve been doing a lot of serious life pondering lately,...
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I hate phones
I bloody hate phones, do you hear me?
Something I need to share with everyone - to ensure there is no more confusion or a feeling of rejection...
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Driving up my arse
Stop driving up my arse!
do the speed limit, I always have and I don’t apologise for it. Driving is a chill out time for me, not...
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Mama Mia by Mia Freedman
Great Yarns – ‘Mama Mia’ by Mia Freedman
Being a voracious reader, I love getting recommendations for good books. One recent recommendation was...
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Couples porn
My husband.... keeping the bedroom bonfire burning
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world having the husband I have. Steve is a wonderful man - all...
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Celebrity bollocks
Celebrity Bollocks... Curtis Stone gets a serve
So did anyone see the breaking news this week? Apparently Curtis - aka Coles celebrity chef – was caught...
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Living in Noosa
Future ponderings.... is Noosa right for us right now??
It’s just over a year since we left Singapore, and in September it will be one year in Noosa, so time...
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Bloody kids
Bloody kids... wrapped around my legs
As any mother knows, something about being the one who delivers babies into the world guarantees you...
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Women I admire
Great Yarns – “Committed” by Elizabeth Gilbert
You’ve probably read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert - it was a sensation around the globe for...
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