The Wire first season
TV sensations – you’ve got to see “The Wire”
Steve and I recently finished all five seasons of “The Wire,” another fantastic HBO Original Series....
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American Idol is over
What to watch on TV?
Well American Idol is over for another year.... This time of year always sucks for Steve and I. From...
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Living in Noosa
My first proper break after nearly four years... didn't go as planned!
Anyone who’s become a Mum knows how bloody intense the first few years are. It is an amazing time but...
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100th birthday
Grandma's 100th Birthday
I had the pleasure of attending my Grandma’s 100th birthday recently. Pretty amazing stuff living that...
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Celebrity Bollocks... ... Miley Cyrus gives a lap dance at 16
Miley Cyrus has hit the headlines this week because she got caught on video, at the age of 16, giving...
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Crystal Bowersox
American Idol has upped the drama this year!!!
Steve and I got into American Idol about five seasons ago and we bloody love it.
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Metaphysical experiences
The Ghost Who Tried to Shag Me
I reckon I’ve had a lot of life experience and that’s something I’ve definitely sought on my journey...
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