To get my creative inspiration back, I must disconnect

Mental health break

I ain’t the best relaxer. My preferred holidays are always adventures, and very VERY rarely will I do a feet-up-by-the-ocean-on-a deck-chair kind of break to disconnect. Honestly I couldn’t think of anything worse

What you resist, persists

Uncommon Courage Andrea T Edwards

I don’t get. I just don’t get it. I am living in a country where Covid19 has spread so rapidly, there are bodies on the streets of Bangkok, and this is a country with deep reverence for the dead.

This week has hit me hard. You?

Times are glum right now, especially in Asia. Indonesia is experiencing a critical shortage of oxygen as Covid19 cases surge, Malaysia is still in lockdown

Our boys have grown up during COVID19, it’s been mind-blowing

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog – Kids don’t grow up fast, they grow up suddenly. Well the growing up bit has been off the charts during this pandemic. Total skyrocket growth and it’s been wonderful to witness it! I’m expecting to be shocked when I see their class mates, as I […]