Uncommon Courage #1 Get out of your life!

My own personal-growth case study started in 1992 in Egypt. I was 22, blonde, and an army musician. It was the first country I landed in outside my home country of Australia

What you resist, persists

Uncommon Courage Andrea T Edwards

I don’t get. I just don’t get it. I am living in a country where Covid19 has spread so rapidly, there are bodies on the streets of Bangkok, and this is a country with deep reverence for the dead.

Dear owners of holiday/furnished accommodation

Furnishing a holiday home

As we are now in limbo, renting furnished accommodation once again, I thought it worth passing on these guidelines to people seeking to make money from investments in holiday or furnished rentals.

Another move done…

Global nomads

We loved living in Noosa Waters in many ways, but in many other ways we learnt that this life isn’t for us –this community, this normality, this way of life.