Uncommon Courage
Excitipants! A five-star review for Uncommon Courage
As a woman who has lived an interesting and influential life, Andrea has great wisdom to pass on to her...
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Why International Day of the Girl Child is so important
It’s International Day of the Girl Child 2021. If you want to know why this is important, here is a link...
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Uncommon Courage
Don't forget to seek awe
Awe. It’s such an amazing, all-consuming feeling. It can happen when you witness a glorious man-made...
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Andrea T Edwards
22 lifestyle changes you can make which contribute to a better world, installment two: navigating our plastic problem
The first installment was on food. In our second installment, we focus on what we can do to limit our...
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Andrea T Edwards
22 lifestyle changes you can make to contribute to a better world. Installment one: a focus on food
f you’re wrestling with the question: “What can I do to contribute to alleviating the climate crisis?”...
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Parenting advice
Don’t tell my boys they’ve lost weight, please
As my boys are growing up - into men - one of the things that happens regularly is people saying: oh...
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Andrea T Edwards
Wars, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, eating crickets… we’re getting the message, surely
One of the bigger, longer term issues we must stay on top of is, the bleak future for Afghanistan because...
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Andrea T Edwards
Afghanistan felt like the final straw in a bruised world
As we all came to terms with this news and tried to understand what it meant for the people of Afghanistan....
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Mental health break
To get my creative inspiration back, I must disconnect
I ain’t the best relaxer. My preferred holidays are always adventures, and very VERY rarely will I do...
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Uncommon Courage Andrea T Edwards
What you resist, persists
I don’t get. I just don’t get it. I am living in a country where Covid19 has spread so rapidly, there...
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When it comes to Covid, I’m confused by opinions
OK I need some help. There are two distinct Covid arguments that have been around since the beginning....
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This week has hit me hard. You?
Times are glum right now, especially in Asia. Indonesia is experiencing a critical shortage of oxygen...
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Are you owning your learning and upskilling journey?
I recently attended the Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2021 and as always, it was awesome. Every...
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And the Northern Hemisphere cooks
If you’re like me, you’ve been transfixed by the news of the unrelenting heat wave hitting Canada, with...
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Do you know what being a whole human means?
If you value my opinion, I really want to encourage you to listen to this podcast - Transcend – with...
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8 ideas on how you can be a great tourist when the world opens up
With The Phuket Sandbox scheduled to kick off from July 1st, if all goes to plan, fully vaccinated tourists...
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Sharing my book cover design inspiration and story
I am one of those people that can get lost in a book shop for hours. I love the discovery process of...
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Proud to launch my new book, Uncommon Courage
I am so excited to announce the launch of my next book - Uncommon Courage! It's a book of hope during...
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Andrea WTB Edwards
It’s time to say goodbye to a very old friend
Which friend you ask? Well Without the Bollocks of course. That friend. A blog, Facebook page, Twitter...
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The problem with casual criticism and how it diminishes us all
I want to talk about something that’s bothering me a lot lately. This is not directed at anyone...
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Our boys have grown up during COVID19, it’s been mind-blowing
A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog – Kids don’t grow up fast, they grow up suddenly. Well the growing...
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Years ago, I made a wish for a dad for my future children, and it came true
We’re celebrating Father’s Day today. It’s not Father’s Day for my dad, as he’s in Australia, and I’m...
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Quarantine life
Week seven was a bit grim, here’s to week eight
It’s our 8th week of lock down, and as I’ve watched the protests against containment measures, I wonder...
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Cointreau hour
Food, alcohol, sleeping, sitting, thinking, not thinking…
I was trying to work out how many days we’ve been in isolation and I think it’s 29. All I know for sure...
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The roller coaster of isolation… it’s an interesting journey
My family is heading into our fourth week of isolation, and compared to the vast majority around the...
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How are YOU feeling?
Ending our first week in quarantine, it’s been a strange old time. We couldn’t be in a better place to...
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Andrea T Edwards Weekend Reads
Knowledge is power. My reading list from the last few months
I know many are overwhelmed, so by collecting the best and most insightful of what I read, I’m hoping...
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What Dolly Parton taught me about judgement and self-awareness
I love Dolly Parton. Love love LOVE HER! She is an amazing and magnificent human, a blessing in our world
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What conversations are you having with your children these days? Here’s mine
I am a very active and vocal contributor to the climate crisis. I’ve always been vocal about the environment,...
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Our European adventure and attempt to reduce environmental impact
I recently returned from five amazing weeks traveling around Europe, with a side-trip to the US. As...
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Family adventures
Traveling Europe with preteen boys alone… a few thoughts
Everyone told me I was mad. Don’t do it they said. Don’t go to Europe with the boys alone. It’ll be hell.
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The power of the mantra - breath in love, breath out hate
If you’ve ever done meditation, mindfulness, yoga or anything similar, there’s a strong chance you’ve...
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I never want to embarrass you about plastic, but I don’t know how to say it any other way
I was standing in line at a 7-Eleven the other day. There were four people in front of me, all buying...
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